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Sam Hazlett, prospector, overlander, and explorer, 1872-1942



This website contains four sections. Navigate to them by clicking on the blue headings below, or in the menu above. They are:

A. TEXT – Full text of “Sam Hazlett and the Search for Lasseter’s Reef” by Jim McKeague (25 Chapters: 38,000 words).

B. MAP GALLERY – Interesting maps from people who, in the past, famously searched for Lasseter’s gold reef.

C. PICTURE GALLERY – Historical and family photographs, drawings, letters, etc., concerning Sam Hazlett, Harry Lasseter, and other gold seekers.

D. GAZETTEER – A list of latitude and longitude co-ordinates for almost all the places mentioned in the text, enabling anyone to follow Hazlett and Lasseter’s journeys on maps or on Google Earth.


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Many people helped put this work together, more than I can mention, but a special thank you to (in alphabetical order):

Bill Banton, Irene Beckham, Peter Bridge, Chris Clark, Jan Conoplia, Tessa Debeljakovic of the National Library of Australia, Stan Gratte, Jean Hazlett, Sheena Hesse, Jenny Kohlen of “Can You Help” in The West Australian, Allan Laver, Carol Leigh of Wanneroo Regional Museum, Letters Section of The Mudgee Guardian, George McCart, Neil McCart, Ann McKeague, Don McKeague, Dawn Merrall, Kathy Mills, Lyn Moffat, Tim Moore, Joyce Purtle, Peter Stanford, and Geoff and Dacia Wells and their treasure trove of Hazlett papers.


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