The Gazetteer

This list includes almost all the places mentioned in the text, from capital cities to remote desert rock holes. It is designed to enable tracking of Sam Hazlett and Harry Lasseter’s travels on maps or on Google Earth.

Even with the greatest care, with such a mass of figures mistakes are always possible. If any mistakes are discovered, please let us know. That is one great advantage of publishing on the internet: errors can be corrected.

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Abencerrages, Pass of the, WA 24⁰58’07”S 128⁰17’09”E

Adelaide, SA 34⁰55’42”S 138⁰36’00”E

Alice Springs, NT 23⁰42’04”S 133⁰52’35”E

Aloysius, Mount, WA 26⁰01’36”S 128⁰36’16”E

Amadeus, Lake, NT 24⁰50’00”S 131⁰00’00”E

Ayers Rock, NT (aka Uluru) 25⁰20’29”S 131⁰02’07”E

Babool Rock Hole, WA 27⁰01’11”S 125⁰00’34”E

Baker Lake, WA 26⁰47’00”S 126⁰04’00”E

Baker’s Hill, WA 31⁰44’51”S 116⁰27’34”E

Balfour Downs, WA 22⁰48’27”S 120⁰53’25”E

Balladonia, WA 32⁰27’28”S 123⁰51’57”E

Ballarat, VIC 37⁰33’49”S 143⁰52’02”E

Bardoc, WA 30⁰20’06”S 121⁰17’38”E

Bargo, WA 20⁰08’31”S 127⁰59’05”E

Barlee, Lake, WA 29⁰09’43”S 119⁰30’18”E

Barrow Range, WA 26⁰10’43”S 127⁰26’40”E

Barwon River, NSW 30⁰04’34”S 147⁰38’39”E

Bassendean, WA 31⁰54’07”S 115⁰57’15”E

Bayswater, WA 31⁰55’05”S 115⁰54’45”E

Beegull Water Holes, WA 27⁰42’17”S 124⁰10’50”E

Bell Rock Range, WA 26⁰09’19”S 128⁰39’45”E

Bhildbit Soak, WA 27⁰58’49”S 123⁰44’54”E

Billiluna, WA 19⁰33’20”S 127⁰39’45”E

Black, Mount, WA 28⁰06’59”S 123⁰08’45”E

Blackstone Range, WA 26⁰00’30”S 128⁰13’50”E

Bloods Range, NT 24⁰38’00”S 129⁰30’00”E

Boulder, WA 30⁰46’55”S 121⁰29’20”E

Bourke, NSW 30⁰05’24”S 145⁰56’15”E

Brisbane, QLD 27⁰28’00”S 153⁰02’00”E

Broken Hill, NSW 31⁰57’25”S 141⁰27’53”E

Burtville, WA 28⁰47’11”S 122⁰39’04”E

Buttfield, Mount, WA 24⁰48’32”S 128⁰08’04”E

Camel Back Soak, WA 29⁰11’00”S 122⁰16’30”E

Canning Stock Route 48 Tank, WA 20⁰14’54”S 126⁰31’24”E

Cardunia Rocks, WA 30⁰55’22”S 122⁰31’23”E

Carey, Lake, WA 29⁰00’00”S 122⁰18’00”E

Carnarvon, WA 24⁰53’02”S 113⁰39’25”E

Castlemaine, VIC 37⁰04’00”S 144⁰13’00”E

Cavenagh Range, WA 26⁰10’53”S 127⁰58’04”E

Ceduna, SA 32⁰07’35”S 133⁰40’25”E

Charlotte Waters, NT 25⁰55’24”S 134⁰55’06”E

Chatswood, NSW 33⁰47’50”S 151⁰10’52”E

Christopher, Lake, WA 24⁰43’50”S 127⁰31’27”E

Cockburn, Mount, NT 25⁰56’19”S 129⁰26’08”E

Coolgardie, WA 30⁰57’16”S 121⁰09’53”E

Cooper(’s) Creek, WA 27⁰19’30”S 126⁰21’30”E

Cosmo-Newberry Hill, WA 27⁰57’14”S 122⁰53’57”E

Cowan, Lake, WA 31⁰50’00”S 121⁰52’00”E

Crown Point, NT 25⁰30’30”S 134⁰22’00”E

Crystal Brook, SA 33⁰21’11”S 138⁰12’21”E

Currie, Mount, NT 25⁰01’54”S 130⁰33’43”E

Dadyun Rock Hole, WA 28⁰13’10”S 123⁰15’32”E

Dalwallinu, WA 30⁰16’35”S 116⁰39’44”E

Daniel, Mount, NT 25⁰43’39”S 134⁰38’33”E

Darling River, NSW 30⁰05’13”S 145⁰53’45”E

Darlot, Lake, WA (the lake itself) 27⁰46’22”S 121⁰31’50”E

Darlot, Lake, WA (old name for Woodarra) 27⁰55’44”S 121⁰17’49”E

Davenport Hills, NT 23⁰34’30”S 129⁰17’00”E

Davies, Mount, SA (aka Mount Davis) 26⁰12’51”S 129⁰15’28”E

Denial Bay, SA 32⁰06’02”S 133⁰34’41”E

Disappointment, Lake, WA 23⁰24’00”S 122⁰45’00”E

Docker Gap, WA 24⁰42’04”S 128⁰59’13”E on some maps, on others the gap is in the higher range of hills and in the Northern Territory at 24⁰42’52”S 129⁰00’26”E. The stream passes through both gaps.

Docker River (or Creek), NT 24⁰46’28”S 129⁰02’35”E

Duke Town, WA (aka Duketon) 27⁰38’20”S 122⁰16’58”E

Elder Creek-Hughes Creek junction, WA (Hazlett’s Well) 26⁰08’48”S 126⁰32’50”E

Ernabella, SA 26⁰16’48”S 132⁰08’16”E

Eucla, WA 31⁰40’38”S 128⁰53’21”E

Eurothurra Rock Hole, WA 27⁰44’44”S 124⁰02’54”E

Eurunderee, NSW 32⁰31’26”S 149⁰36’33”E

Fleming, Mount, WA 28⁰15’28”S 123⁰45’40”E

Forrest, WA 30⁰50’53”S 128⁰06’32”E

Fowlers Bay, SA 31⁰59’12”S 132⁰26’14”E

Fraser Range, WA 32⁰01’00”S 122⁰52’00”E

Gregory Lake, WA (aka Gregory Salt Sea) 20⁰13’00”S 127⁰27’00”E

Gregory Range, WA 21⁰20’00”S 121⁰12’00”E

Guildford, WA 31⁰53’57”S 115⁰58’18”E

Gulgong, NSW 32⁰21’45”S 149⁰31’55”E

Haast(s) Bluff, NT 23⁰22’00”S 132⁰01’00”E

Halls Creek, Kimberleys, WA 18⁰13’31”S 127⁰40’05”E

Hamersley Range, WA 22⁰12’00”S 117⁰46’00”E

Hawks Nest, WA 28⁰41’54”S 122⁰15’10”E

Hazlett Cliffs, WA 28⁰49’00”S 123⁰07’00”E

Hazlett, Lake, WA 21⁰31’00”S 128⁰38’00”E

Hazlett Range, WA (aka Shay Cart Range) 28⁰41’00”S 122⁰59’00”E

Hazlett Rock(s), WA 26⁰08’37”S 128⁰54’25”E

Hazlett’s Well, WA 26⁰08’48”S 126⁰32’50”E

Heavitree Gap, NT 23⁰43’33”S 133⁰51’57”E

Hermannsburg Mission, NT 23⁰56’41”S 132⁰46’30”E

Hinckley, Mount, WA 26⁰07’36”S 128⁰55’49”E

Hocking Range, WA 26⁰21’01”S 127⁰26’31”E

Hopkins, Lake, WA 24⁰13’00”S 128⁰48’00”E

Ilbilba Soak, Ehrenberg Range, NT (aka Ilbpilla, etc.) 23⁰19’44”S 130⁰21’18”E

Irene Range, NT 23⁰33’00”S 129⁰49’30”E

Irving Creek, NT 25⁰09’00”S 129⁰49’30”E

Jameson Range, WA 25⁰50’21”S 127⁰42’43”E

Kalgoorlie, WA 30⁰44’46”S 121⁰28’27”E

Kanowna, WA 30⁰36’24”S 121⁰36’19”E

Karonie, WA 30⁰58’07”S 122⁰32’30”E

Katamala Cone, NT 25⁰23’00”S 130⁰06’00”E

Kearney Range, WA 20⁰18’01”S 128⁰14’26”E

Kintore Range, NT 23⁰19’00”S 129⁰22’30”E

Kurnalpi, WA 30⁰32’15”S 122⁰13’45”E

Lasseter’s Cave, NT 25⁰01’11”S 129⁰23’45”E

Lasseter’s Lookout, NT (aka Johnstone Hill) 23⁰38’15”S 130⁰01’28”E

Laverton, WA 28⁰37’34”S 122⁰24’16”E

Leonora, WA 28⁰52’59”S 121⁰19’51”E

Lewis Range, WA (aka Musgrave Range) 20⁰10’00”S 128⁰40’00”E

Lightning Ridge, NSW 29⁰25’39”S 147⁰58’44”E

Linden, WA 29⁰18’16”S 122⁰25’44”E

Livesey Range, WA 26⁰39’01”S 127⁰32’03”E

Livingstone Pass, NT 24⁰53’11”S 129⁰06’21”E

Macdonald, Lake, WA 23⁰30’00”S 128⁰59’00”E

MacDonnell Ranges, NT 23⁰48’00”S 133⁰30’00”E

Mackay, Lake, WA 22⁰26’00”S 128⁰52’00”E

Mann Ranges, SA 26⁰05’00”S 129⁰56’00”E

Mannahill, SA 32⁰25’54”S 139⁰59’09”E

Manning Gnamma Hole, WA (aka Durang) 28⁰28’10”S 122⁰48’22”E

Manunda Rock Hole, WA 26⁰50’33”S 125⁰39’50”E

Marble Bar, WA 21⁰10’17”S 119⁰44’39”E

Margaret, Mount, WA 28⁰49’50”S 122⁰11’18”E

Marjorie, Mount, NT (aka Mount Leisler) 23⁰19’55”S 129⁰21’56”E

Melbourne, VIC 37⁰49’00”S 144⁰58’00”E

Middleton Ponds, NT 24⁰31’32”S 132⁰34’13”E

Midland, WA 31⁰53’18”S 116⁰00’10”E

Morgans, Mount, WA 28⁰46’08”S 122⁰03’38”E

Mudgee, NSW 32⁰35’26”S 149⁰35’19”E

Mueller, Fort, WA 26⁰11’32”S 127⁰59’15”E

Muggan Rock Holes, WA 27⁰00’09”S 125⁰20’12”E

Muir, Mount, WA 25⁰31’20”S 127⁰59’52”E

Mulgabiddy Creek, WA 28⁰11’56”S 123⁰16’54”E

Mulline, WA 29⁰48’21”S 120⁰31’30”E

Murrin-Murrin, WA 28⁰46’04”S 121⁰53’38”E

Musgrave Range, SA 26⁰21’00”S 131⁰54’00”E

Neale, Lake, NT 24⁰17’00”S 130⁰00’00”E

Nord Rock Hole, WA 28⁰12’13”S 123⁰16’43”E

Nullarbor, SA 31⁰27’00”S 130⁰53’46”E

Nullarbor Plain, SA (centred on) 31⁰00’00”S 129⁰00’00”E

Nullagine River, WA 21⁰22’18”S 120⁰18’26”E

Olary, SA 32⁰16’54”S 140⁰19’35”E

Olga, Mount, NT (aka The Olgas, Kata Tjuta) 25⁰18’03”S 130⁰44’14”E

Oodnadatta, SA 27⁰32’53”S 135⁰26’52”E

Pallottine Mission (aka Old Balgo Hill Mission), WA 20⁰08’22”S 127⁰48’14”E

Palm Springs, WA 18⁰25’12”S 127⁰50’42”E

Papunya, NT 23⁰12’18”S 131⁰54’43”E

Penong, SA 31⁰55’42”S 133⁰00’35”E

Perth, WA 31⁰57’17”S 115⁰51’22”E

Petermann Ranges, NT 25⁰05’00”S 129⁰34’00”E

Peters Soak, WA 28⁰21’52”S 123⁰01’52”E

Piltati Rock Hole, SA (aka Petadi, and not to be confused with similarly named rock holes in the Petermann Ranges and near Mount Udor) 26⁰08’02”S 130⁰16’51”E

Pithara, WA 30⁰23’22”S 116⁰40’04”E

Port Augusta, SA 32⁰29’34”S 137⁰46’01”E

Port Pirie, SA 33⁰11’05”S 138⁰01’17”E

Possum Hill, WA 26⁰24’21”S 127⁰34’26”E

Prostanthera Hill, WA 25⁰39’13”S 128⁰10’53”E

Putardi, Mount, NT 23⁰28’13”S 131⁰05’49”E

Rawlinson Range, WA 24⁰50’00”S 127⁰50’00”E

Rennie, Mount, NT 23⁰33’43”S 129⁰54’47”E

Robert Range, WA 24⁰33’24”S 128⁰16’12”E

Roma, QLD 26⁰34’24”S 148⁰47’12”E

Rudall Creek, NT 23⁰50’17”S 132⁰34’00”E

Rudall, Mount, WA 22⁰17’02”S 120⁰45’28”E

Rudall River, WA 22⁰34’27”S 122⁰14’00”E

Rutter Soak, WA 28⁰00’46”S 123⁰26’12”E

Schwerin Mural Crescent, WA 24⁰50’00”S 128⁰32’00”E

Shaw Creek, NT 25⁰09’00”S 129⁰44’02”E

Simpson Desert, SA, NT (centred on) 24⁰30’00”S 137⁰11’00”E

Skirmish Hill, WA 26⁰24’06”S 128⁰25’43”E

Skull Creek, WA 28⁰36’58”S 122⁰26’13”E

Sladen Water(s), WA 24⁰58’07”S 128⁰17’09”E

Stevenson Peak, NT 25⁰29’55”S 130⁰10’43”E

Sutherland Hills, NT 23⁰30’46”S 130⁰31’09”E

Swan River, WA 31⁰58’00”S 115⁰52’00”E

Sydney, NSW 33⁰52’02”S 151⁰12’24”E

Tanami, NT 19⁰57’58”S 129⁰42’51”E

Tanami Desert, NT (centred on) 19⁰38’00”S 131⁰42’00”E

Tate, Mount, NT 23⁰37’06”S 131⁰38’34”E

Tennant Creek, NT 19⁰38’45”S 134⁰11’27”E

Terhan Rock Hole, WA 27⁰02’30”S 124⁰47’43”E

Thatcher Soak, WA 28⁰02’09”S 123⁰31’15”E

Throssell, Lake, WA 27⁰36’00”S 124⁰09’00”E

Tierney Spring, WA 28⁰08’58”S 124⁰46’13”E

Tobin’s Grave, Well 40 Canning Stock Route, WA 21⁰40’04”S 125⁰47’15”E

Tomkinson Range, SA 26⁰14’00”S 129⁰02’00”E

Townsend Range, WA 26⁰20’00”S 126⁰57’00”E

Tugaila (Tjukayirla) Rock Holes, WA 27⁰09’18”S 124⁰34’17”E

Udor, Mount, NT 23⁰29’49”S 131⁰01’18”E

Wahlgu Rock Holes, WA 27⁰03’52”S 125⁰11’22”E

Walgett, NSW 30⁰01’17”S 148⁰07’00”E

Walu, WA 25⁰31’05”S 128⁰02’32”E

Warakurna, WA 25⁰00’04”S 128⁰17’16”E

Warburton, WA 26⁰08’02”S 126⁰34’43”E

Warburton Range, WA 26⁰08’24”S 126⁰41’54”E

Wauchope, NT 20⁰38’26”S 134⁰13’19”E

Weld Springs, Well 9 Canning Stock Route, WA 25⁰01’05”S 121⁰35’11”E

Wellesley, Mount, WA 26⁰15’33”S 121⁰41’11”E

White, Lake, WA 21⁰09’00”S 128⁰56’00”E

White Cliffs Homestead, WA 28⁰26’07”S 122⁰56’51”E

Wilcannia, NSW 31⁰33’32”S 143⁰22’42”E

Wills, Lake, WA 21⁰22’00”S 128⁰36’00”E

Wiluna, WA 26⁰35’48”S 120⁰13’29”E

Winduldarra Rock Hole, WA 26⁰31’06”S 126⁰01’33”E

Winnecke Hill(s), NT 23⁰16’11”S 129⁰02’41”E

Winnecke Rock, WA 23⁰13’22”S 124⁰00’29”E

Winter, Mount, NT 23⁰50’21”S 130⁰50’59”E

Winters Glen, NT (Note: this is a specific spot on Irving Creek named by Ernest Giles, but Harry Lasseter seems to have understood it differently, his diary suggesting that Lasseter’s Cave is in this Glen) 25⁰12’40”S 129⁰48’52”E

Wongawol, WA 26⁰07’13”S 121⁰56’27”E

Wongzi Rock Hole, NT (Note: known to me only from Chub’s notes on Map 5B in the Map Gallery) approx 25⁰24’S 129⁰10’E

Wooroo Rock Hole, NT 25⁰09’11”S 129⁰19’18”E

Yeo, Lake, WA 27⁰58’00”S 124⁰23’00”E

Yowalga Rock Hole, WA 26⁰48’16”S 125⁰41’35”E

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